There is whole life behind names and dates,
life I've been living during playing a role.

Despite this life has past, my emotions and feelings are still vivid enough to fully describe them.

«Будьте здоровы, месье»
«Мастер и Маргарита»
«Территория Страсти»

«Safe and sound, sir»

"Bless you, sir" - a hilarious comedy about a detective story about how the apparent death of a famous writer suddenly reveals the true face of his relatives and friends. And the culprit is becoming notorious struggle for inheritance. Intrigue, complicated relationship heroes, as well as an unexpected outcome - who in the end will be the winner? .. This play will cause the viewer not only laughter, but also the need to reflect on their own honor, decency and human relationships, built not on money but on love, respect and trust.


My first serious role. At the very beginning of my career I only came to Mark A. Zakharov, and suddenly the fate gives me a wonderful chance - meeting with Karen G. Shakhnazarov. Three months later, he was looking for an actress for the lead role and opted for me. The first teacher at the site was Andrei Panin - terrific actor, who is no longer alive, unfortunately. A shooting in the historical picture with amazing partners for me - it's a great honor, and I thank my lucky stars and Karen G.. The film is based on the novel by Boris Savenkov "Pale Horse". This is a philosophical story about the beginning of the terrorist movement in Russia, in which I play the role of a secular married woman who knows how to love and appreciate the life of chance. Going "on the edge" and on the verge of risking their lives and the lives of her husband, she was killed by her lover - the main terrorist of the early 20th century.

«Master and Margarita»

Musical "Master and Margarita" will appear before the audience of theater Music Hall in grand format musical performance with elements of the show: 3D effects, transforming the scenery, illusions, draws the viewer into the stage space, a unique-sounding musical material performed by a live orchestra and, of course, the beautiful acting.

«Passion territory»


The winner of the contest "Miss Krasnodar-98" (1998, Moscow)
The winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2000 Academy" (2000, Moscow))
Vice-Miss "Miss MK-Europe" (2004, Spain))
Vice-Miss "Miss Universe, Russia" (2004, Moscow))
2014 - Master and Margarita
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